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The Program Executive Office for Manpower, Logistics and and Business Solutions (PEO MLB) oversees a portfolio of enterprise-wide information technology programs designed to enable common business processes to Sailors at sea, Marines in the field and their support systems. PEO MLB ensures these programs maximize value to the warfighter by balancing cost with the capability delivered to the end user.

MyNavy HR IT Solutions

MyNavy HR IT Solutions delivers a portfolio of modernized capabilities providing comprehensive services for Sailors’ human resources (HR) needs.

Ready Relevant Learning Logo

Ready Relevant Learning

Ready Relevant Learning is the Navy’s long-term investment to enhance Fleet mission readiness by continually improving Sailor performance and ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to compete and win across the spectrum of conflict.

Navy Enterprise Business Solutions Logo

Navy ERP Financial IT Services

Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Financial IT Services delivers business-critical auditable solutions and services for financial, time/attendance and supply chain management.

Logistics IT Services Logo

Logistics IT Services (LOG IT)

Logistics IT Services (LOG IT) delivers a single Naval portfolio of more than 300 legacy Navy and Marine Corps logistics IT systems, which are deployed ashore and afloat.

Logistics Integrated Information Solutions Logo

Marine Corps Logistics Integrated Information Solutions (LI2S-MC)

Marine Corps Logistics Integrated Information Solutions (LI2S-MC) delivers integrated, distributed IT capabilities enabling the execution of the United States Marine Corps logistics operations.

Naval Applications & Business Services Logo

Naval Applications and Business Services (NABS)

Naval Applications and Business Services (NABS) delivers enterprise business applications and services that support Navy and Marine Corps warfighters using best practices and common Naval solutions to reduce operating costs and speed delivery.

Manpower Information Technology Systems Modernization Logo

Marine Corps Manpower IT Systems Modernization (MITSM)

Marine Corps Manpower IT Systems Modernization (MITSM) modernizes the Marine Corps’ legacy manpower applications and develops new capabilities in support of Talent Management 2030.

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