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The PEO MLB Technical Director Office (TDO) enables agile innovative technology services across our portfolios and programs by providing support, guidance, policies, and processes that enhance technology adoption throughout the organization. The TDO supports PEO MLB portfolios in reaching their goals, aligning and balancing capabilities and resources across the PEO, and facilitating a culture shift to better adopt and embrace new operational philosophies, strategies and approaches. The TDO is also the first point of contact for potential PEO MLB industry partners to review and evaluate systems, solutions, and opportunities.


  • Supports PEO MLB portfolios in reaching their goals 
  • Aligns and balances capabilities and resources across the PEO 
  • Facilitates a culture shift within the PEO to adopt and embrace new operational philosophies, strategies and approaches


The TDO is organized into three product lines that provide support and services across the PEO MLB portfolio of programs. The TDO product lines foster our culture of innovation, encourage human-centered design principles to improve customer experience, accelerate the adoption of digital tools in the workplace, and set the PEO MLB’s technical strategy and vision in accordance with Department of the Navy and Department of Defense policy
  • Customer Experience: Manages the Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to improve customer experience across the organization.
  • Design Thinking Workshops: Facilitates design thinking workshops to address challenges collaboratively using a human-centered design approach.
  • Workforce Agility/Training: Coordinates monthly PEO-wide training day events.
  • Industry Engagement: Conducts weekly meetings with potential industry partners to discuss offerings and opportunities.
  • Innovation Olympics: Recurring events focused on improving our workforce, culture, service offerings and customer experience.
  • M365 Championing and Support: Supports the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 to improve organizational processes. 
  • Enabling Digital Modernization: Provides technical guidance, consulting, and support for systems and applications modernization across PEO MLB.
  • Digital Tool Adoption: Evaluates digital tools for potential PEO MLB adoption and integration.
  • Executive Dashboard: Enables data-driven management decisions and continuous improvement.
  • Technical Strategy and Vision: Provides strategic guidance and technology roadmap to shape the future state of technology for PEO MLB.
  • Policy/Standards Review and Alignment: Advocates for PEO MLB during the development of DoD/DON policies and standards. Consults PEO MLB Portfolios in the implementation of guidance, policies, and standards.

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